Medium Updates – Ragdoll Deaths, Visual FX, and oh yea bug fixes

Been working hard last week on a decently-impactful update for you Area 51 Raiders!

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  • [Physics] RAGDOLL DEATH – walk over the dead bodies of your fallen enemies. They’ll disappear after 35 seconds or so. They can pile up!
  •  [Gameplay]  This one is fun: you’ll have to push the dead bodies out of the way to place new defenses. Bodies are only local for now, they only affect YOUR placements, not your teammates.
  • [Gameplay/AI] Added obstacle components to barricade-type defenses – attackers will attempt to circumnavigate but still attack at a deprioritized level. It seems a little more realistic – some of the AI will go around and some will stay and attack the barricade defense. Plan accordingly


  • Optimized networking AI Controller target finding
  • Optimized networking attacker/killer finding
  • Added some fx Free maps Gate
  • Added some fx to Moon Base
  • Added Fx First National
  • Added FX and details to Final Stand Map
  •  Fixed more map issues with falling through floors for maps:
  • Updated Pathfinding library to latest versions
  • [Bug] Fixed turrets continuing to aim at dead bodies. It was cruel
  • [Bug] Fixed AI getting stuck on top of buildables in most cases
  • [Bug] Fixed units on top of walls in most cases
  • Music rotation – every round the background music will rotate one of 11 epic battle tracks


There’s more coming in the next two weeks as well.

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B. Michael B.