Game with Great Blood FX Update

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Game with Great Blood FX Update + Discount

LISTEN, if you have this game and haven’t seen what we’re doing lately, REINSTALL NOW. Welcome back. You’ve got to check out what we’ve been up to since I took over the game in late February.

In this Great Blood FX Update update,  Blood are going to creep you out and make you laugh at the same time.

Game with great blood fx

Basically, when Area 51 Raiders attack, it’s real life. Real life means real consequences. That’s what blood is.

Mostly we added blood effects like : blood pooling, blood spatters, and blood impact effects to all the attackers. C


Combine titehis with the lighting, sound, and other additions we’ve made in a month, it’s like an entirely more different and intense experience.


LISTEN, If you have been playing at all for free, right now you need to STOP. Grab the following DLC right now for our Game with Great Sound Effects Update  and unleash more meme mayhem:

The Support DLC gives you 14 new attackers, 4 new maps, 3 crazy server addons, and more.

The Outfits DLC gives you 10,000 Latium.. credits that let you buy nearly all the outfits possible.

You could get both for like $7 right now

What’s actually in this Game with Great Blood FX Effects Update

Added impact VFX hits to turrets
Added impact VFX hits to barricades
Added blood VFX pooling on death
Added blood impact fx on Attackers when hit buy bullets
Added Damage levels for barricades
Added visual fx as damage indicators for turrets
Added great blood fx stains on ground
Grenades now throw dead body ragdolls w/ physics
Added impact sounds to turrets when hit
added impacdt sounds to barricades when hit
Fixed issue where sounds occur 2x in networked games
Added blast stain fx where grenade goes off
Added randomized blood fx when players get hit by bullet
Added sound when buildable is built

Added some fixes to protect networked object management calls

Increase Automated Sniper Damage from 60 to 75

Updated Credits with our new monthly Discord supporter TsTParadox!

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