Game with Amazing Sound Effects Update

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Game with Amazing Sound Effects Update + Discount

HEY, if of you haven’t checked up on us in awhile. Welcome back. You’ve got to check out what we’ve been up to since I took over the game in late February.

In this update,  sounds are going to creep you out and make you laugh at the same time.

Basically we were sick of our AI swarms being dead, lifeless, and mute creeps. So we have worked on some SOUND for all attackers.

This game with amazing sound update means you’re gonna hear Karen’s cackleing and laughing as they approach.

Game with amazing sound effects

Kill one and their screams will be heard by all.

Keep your ears open for Grunts, Taunts, Death cries, footsteps, and even some Easter Egg sounds that will spawn VERY rarely.

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The Support DLC gives you 14 new attackers, 4 new maps, 3 crazy server addons, and more.


The Outfits DLC gives you 10,000 Latium.. credits that let you buy nearly all the outfits possible.

You could get both for like $7 right now

What’s actually in this Game with Amazing Sound Effects Update

Added attacker footsteps sounds
added attacker randomized idle approach sounds/taunts
Added attacker randomized take damage sounds
added attacker randomized death sounds
Added defender footsetps sounds
Added amazing sound effects for defender foley sounds
Added SoundFX volume in options
Added Music volume slider in options
Added Credits page (thanks FXVirus for being first Discord Supporter!)
(p.s. type “upgrade” in our discord to get this status =>
Updated Menu UI
Updated Shop UI slightly
Music is Randomized
Music will continually, randomly play through tracks in playlist
Added a new Music track by Anttis Intstruemntals

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