The Origins of They Can’t Stop All of Us

A long time ago, on an internet far far away…


Something happened.


A meme.


A search for alien secrets.


Two Developers.


A Game.


This is the story of They Can’t Stop All of Us.

The Meme

It all started with the Area 51 meme.

Really, people on the internet were going to “raid” area 51 to force the government’s Alien secrets into the open?


The internet community rallied behind a call to action.

To organize a date to meet at Area 51.

To take action and release the truth.

These are the Area 51 Raiders.

Their rallying cry : “They Can’t Stop All of Us!”

The Team

The vision was to create a game.

It was to simulate the raid on Area 51, allowing people to live the raid in a hilarious, fun, and challenging manner.

It was started by Blake Gillman, a young and spirited Indie game developer.

Although his very first game was not as successful as he had hoped, he used that learning to focus on creating something for these Area 51 Raiders.

Along with his friend Phineas, they put together the concept of the game.

The Dream

The game became available in the fall of 2019.

It hit the shelves right as the people were actually going to do the Area 51 raid.

And a LOT of people downloaded it.

Like, for and Indie developer, it was a Lot.

People were actually willing to buy outfit packs that gave them new threads and helped them express their creativity.

They were buying DLC to give them new maps and player classes.

This gave them more to enjoy, while helping pay for servers and new development.

It was awesome!

The Steam

In December, Blake Gillman decided that he wanted to take his skills with him to a new game.

He wanted to build something different…

The Steam was running low for TCSAOU

B. Michael B., a software engineer with a lot of development experience came across Blake’s post.

He saw the potential.

The potential of the Attacker vs. Defender gameplay.

The potential of controlling AI hordes to raid area 51.

The potential to turn a soon-to-be abandoned game into a growing, thriving experience.

So, he purchased the rights to TCSAOU.

B. Michael began rebuilding the Dream with way more Steam.

New Classes.

New gameplay mechanics.

Better graphics.

More players.

This is the Steam that B. Michael B. brings to the next generation of They Can’t Stop All of Us.

What do you think?

p.s. If you’ve played TCSAOU, email me here and tell me your favorite thing about the game is. (even if its something silly or tiny- I want to hear what makes you like it).


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